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HTC Blizzard

One thing which everyone says to me is "Why do you have a brick as your phone?", obviously
actually thinking that I'm trying to compensate for something. I was never a fan of
the original MS Smartphones, mainly because they lacked asphetically pleasing design.

The Pocket PC with phone functionality won it for me; the tried and tested PPC form
factor with added telephony capability. Now HTC (boy have they been busy lately) have
a new product, the HTC Blizzard.
It runs the MS Pocket PC OS, not the Smartphone OS. This brings the ability for adding
touch screen.

If you've been wanting a Pocket PC Phone but without the bulkyness then this is something
worth looking at. I don't think my pockets would handle a Blizzard + Universal, nor
would I need them both. Good thing I don't have my Creative ZEN PMC anymore/for now

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