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Update on Abaxus

A while ago I posted about
my little project called Abaxus. Well things have been going slow with it over the
last week, to be honest I only worked on it while on the train coming back from Swindon
at the weekend. But in that time I managed a quick implementation of creating a new
object from within the Abaxus script. You can't assign anything to this variable,
set the macroproperties or anything, so you pretty much just have a new variable you
can't do anything with. I'll get around to changing this over the coming days when
I get a spare half hour.

One thing I thought about the other night was "what if someone doesn't want to allow
someone to set properties through the script but only get them?". Well this
will also be implemented in some form, most likely through a property when creating
the AbaxusParser in your .net code.

Once I get the above done I promise i'll make it available.

I also need to add some better exception logging into the parser, currently if a macro
fails it returns #MACROERROR# in its place instead of the correct result, some nice
reasoning as to why it failed shall be implemented at some stage.

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