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My not so in depth XDA Exec Review

My O2 XDA Exec arrived yesterday in what can only be described as one of the funkiest
boxes ever.

The device is similar in size to the XDA II overall and a tiny bit heavier. The screen
is amazing, looking back at the older model its like going back to 800*600 from 1024*768
on a pc.

Windows Mobile 5.0 is alot better than 2003, the introduction of the Smartphone buttons
are welcome. However the games arn't consistent with how they use these, solitaire
has the game options on the right button and the bubble breaker on the left - a small
thing but worth a moan about.

The keypad is cool, taking a while to get use to where the keys are though and I keep
hitting the wrong buttons occassionally as a result.

Answering Alex' question about PC Sync, you do get a usb sync cable but no cradle.
I don't know why O2 advertise it as having no PC Sync on the website.

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