Luke Smith Write today, wrong tomorrow


Yesterday was the 2nd Developer
Developer Developer Day
resulting in a few drinks down Vodka Revolutions followed
by a geek dinner down at Zizzi's.

There were alot of interesting talks throughout the day; James Crowley's talk on AJAX
in ASP.NET was great. The WPF (Avalon) was cool, great speakers can really
make a presentation stand out from the rest. I missed a few talks I was hoping to
see, the bluetooth for mobile devices and Attacking Windows and Web Applications (really
gutted I missed this one).

The next time I goto TVP I hope im supplied Jelly Babies and Jelly desert :)

A big thanks to all those who organised the event and to Sarah who
organised the meal afterwards. It's a shame the food took hours to arrive at the tables
but a good time was had geeking it up, I even got podcasted briefly. It's weird how
small the (geek) world is, a few people recognised my name and I was sat with a guy
who Mike Bright used to work with.

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