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Football Manager 2006 on Tablet PC

The latest version of Football Manager 2006 was
released recently. I picked up my copy yesterday and installed it on my 1.7ghz 512mb
Tecra M4 tablet. I was expecting the game to run slow but this wasn't the case, a
new game was set up within minutes which used to take alot longer on previous versions.
However as I am only a few months into the season the database is still quite small,
once I've played a lot longer I expect I will need to invest in some more RAM or move
gaming over to Goofy (desktop pc).

FM2006 (Championship Manager) is a Mr. Mouse game,
no keyboard required except if you are using the search box. This makes it perfect
for you in tablet slate mode. All that is needed is for sigames to tablet enable the
game to make the search functionality work. The tactics screen could also be revamped,
being able to draw the tactics for players with ink (Andy Gray style) could be great
if done well.

Im sure alot of games on the market could benefit from inking ability

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