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XBOX 360 rocks

I was in town yesterday and HMV and Game both had XBOX 360 gaming booths. Once i kicked
the 5year old girl off (by that I mean stood patiently while she did nothing) I loaded
up Call of Duty
and proceeded to be amazed.

First thing I noticed was some of the graphics needed to be fine tuned, but a reply to
my channel9 thread post said that Anti Aliasing is turned of in the Pre-Release demos
- so that should sort the rough edges out. The smoke and fire effects were amazing,
and it certainly rivalled Half-Life 2 running on the PC with full graphics.

Games on the current generation consoles, XBOX and PS2, are looking alot better than
they did a few years ago. I got the latest WWE
Smackdown vs Raw 2006
game on PS2, which has superb graphics compared to the games
in the series 2years ago. Once developers get a handle on the next gen consoles things
will get alot more exciting.

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