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I just signed up for SkypeIn,
which allows a normal landline/mobile to call my Skype account
from anywhere in the world. If calling from outside the UK the cost for the caller
is only what it would cost to call the UK, so im guessing its local rate for in the

One thing that would be great is if a mobile operator made a deal with Skype. Share
my mobile number with my Skype account, so when I recieve a call both Skype and my
phone would ring, and I could choose which to answer it through. A neat feature is
the SkypeOutlook plugin, which will automatically set my Skype status if im in a meeting
etc. I've also got voice mail on my Skype now, so if I miss any calls you can leave
me a nice message after the beep.

Contact me if you want my Skype number

Skype 'Add me to Skype' button

Function isSkypeInstalled()
on error resume next
Set oSkype = CreateObject("Skype.Detection")
isSkypeInstalled = IsObject(oSkype)
Set oSkype = nothing
End Function

Add me to Skype

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