Luke Smith Write today, wrong tomorrow

Not long to go

With the 360 released state side its now 9days until the European launch, ive had
mine ordered since september which im afraid may have put me out of the first batch
release - I just hope those guys at like
me plugging their awesome website, the website that
is, with their free delivery and speedy
service (courtesy of those nice people at,
and push me to the top of the list.

I've just finished Paul Thurrotts review of
the 360 and it makes me want it more, please! The games look fantastic. But
the the games console isn't only just about games, its a whole media experience in
your living room. Stream music, images, videos from your Windows PC and control
it through the 360 media interface. If you have a Media Center PC then you get an
even better experience, being able to watch recorded TV shows from the MCE.

Would my parents get one? The design is alot nicer than the original Xbox, and my
mom is great at Tony Hawks so who knows.

Call of Duty 2 is on order with those lovely people at,
along with the console (whats the odds I get the game weeks before the console?).
But I will also be getting Project Gothem Racing 3, Amped 3, and possibly Tony Hawks
(to tempt my mom) at some point. So theres some of my xmas list.

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