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Back from france

I lie, I've been back since saturday I just havn't got around to blogging.

We go on holiday to get away from the depressingness that work is but then end up
feeling worse when we have to actually go back to work after an excellent holiday,
it sucks.

The snow was great, with the exception of the second to last day, and as with last
year it snowed on the last day. The ski commitee got everyone to by a santa outfit
for the last day, I don't think Val Thorens had seen over 200 santa clauses before
in one place.

The view from the top of the mountain was fantastic.

With christmas coming up I thought I'd buy myself a nice present, so being fed up
of the uncomfy and well worn ski boots you hire I splashed out on some really comfy
boots. Compared to renting them, when its 'here you go, if your feet fit in them you
take them' buying a pair is completely different. I spent about 30minutes trying on
numerous pairs before deciding on this pair (modelled by the lovely me).

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