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Moved to Community Server 2 Beta

I've spent part of the day slowly moving my blog over to communityserver.
It's been a pain in the ass, and I still need to copy another 30posts from .text over
to it.

I was getting alot of comment spam over the past few days and am hoping the features
in communityserver will help weed it out
before its visible to the world, and so stopping search engines indexing it.

One problem I've had so far is with technorati,
i'm running into problems when trying to claim the blog but I've submitted a support
request from them so hopefully it should be sorted soon.

I've had to do a few hacks to get the new blog working with my subdomain (the
blog can still be accessed via
and I've had to add a new rss file on my server to redirect automatically to the new
rss url
, so hopefully you won't have to update your Feed Aggregator.

I hope it won't be too hard to migrate over to the final version of CommunityServer
2.0 when its released from the beta I'm currently running.

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