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In the name of lazyness (Automating your home)

I received a huge package today full of new gadgets to play with.
Imagine this situation: your sitting in your living room meer feet away
from the light switch and its a tiny bit cold. Do you want to get up
and turn on the lights, or dim them for that 'romantic' mood? Well now
I can be ultra lazy and control it all from a small unit next to the

Using the power lines (X10), meaning you don't have to rewire your house,
just simply plug in the modules to a plug socket then plug the lamp or
appliance into this module.

Theres a whole load of modules out there to help automate your home
ranging from motion detectors and radio frequency transmitters to
lamp/light fittings and cameras.

Now I just need to wait for the usb to serial adapter and then I can control it all
from my PC.

List of parts to get you started

Time" Kit
- Mini Timer, AM12 (Appliance Module), LM12 (Lamp Module)

CM12U -
Home Automation Controller & Windows Software (needed only if you want to control
your home from your PC)

LM15 -
"Socket Rocket" bayonet fitting

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