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Meta dataring digital media

With my collection of digital images growing steadily I was thinking how I could manage them all when I came across the Microsoft
Digital Image Starter Edition 2006
download (free-trial which loses features after
60days). I'm liking this application, good interface and ease of use.

I was then pointed to Picasa by
Dave (got a blog dave?), which from my limited play around time and
knowledge of editing images was equally as good (and free). However I'm
after adding the meta data to the images; Photographer name, Labels etc
which Picasa is not quite as good at. It doesn't read the labels I'd
added to the files from within MDISE 2006 - so no good for me.

Why add all these meta data? Well with Vista out soon, and by soon I
mean 'hopefully' this year, I want to be able to easily find any
pictures and video clips from holiday easily from within the new Vista
search features. Type in Dereks name and all pictures with Derek in
will be found, type in Val Thorens and my Val Thorens ski pictures will
instantly be shown.

For now though MSN Desktop Search does this,
but not as powerful as Vista will be.

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