Luke Smith Write today, wrong tomorrow

5 days to go

I've splashed out on another extravagent product, a perk of no longer
being a student. In our house we have a home entertainment system in
the works; PS2, Xbox, PC (not MCE yet), hifi and a small 14inch tv -
not what you want to be watching your movies on, or even playing Xbox
360 games on (when it arrives). So i cut a deal with my housemates
which means I can get a new TV for all of our viewing pleasure.

I was originally looking at getting a Samsung 26inch LCD, which is
showing off the Xbox360 consoles in all the highstreet stores, but came
across the LG 32LX2R 32 inch LCD which is cheaper than the 32 inch version of the
26 inch Samsung I was originally looking at.

Bring on Thursday when it arrives...and hopefully the Xbox 360 won't be far behind

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