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Update on the HDTV

Last night me and Tom spent several hours downloading
some HD content from and Xbox360
High Definition trailers
from the Microsoft website. The color in the pictures
is absolutely stunning, if you have a HDTV definitely download the IMAX trailers and
if you have a good enough spec PC give them ago but it still doesn't come close to
actually viewing them on a widescreen HD Ready tv.

However since we were running these videos from the spare PC in the living room (1.4ghz,
512mb RAM, 256mb 9600gpu) some trailers were very jerky and couldn't be viewed. This
meant every 720p (even the 480p were jerky) movie trailer we tried from Apple,
which annoyingly is the only place we could find which has High Definition movie trailers
to download, was unwatchable due to this jerkyness - with Quicktime eating up 99%
of processing. At some point we're going to move one of our more powerful PCs down
to the living room to see if this fixes the problem.

I've ordered myself a copy of the T2:
Extreme DVD
from the states, it's region 1 DVD but the 2nd disc contains a copy
of the movie in WMV9 Series in HD. Annoyingly tho its DRMd and who knows whether its
viewable outside of the states but if its not Smile

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