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Xbox for sale

Not my limited edition green one after all I horde my old stuff but instead I have
a lovely brand new Xbox360 up for grabs.

After waiting an eternity, nicely snuggled into a more managable time period of just
under 2months, I got my hands on not one but 2 360s! On wednesday I tried Game to
see if they had any and signed up in the queue being told I should get one by the
end of the week. Thursday morning they phoned me to let me know I could collect, why
didn't I go in there sooner? I checked online at lunch and the order
was still 'awaiting stock' so covering my bases, incase the God of Xbox360 decided
it wasn't my turn to get one from Game that day, I thought I'd cancel the play order
once I had one in my hands. But the God of Xbox360 was feeling generous yesterday
and decided I should now be allowed my play order, which removes that magical orange
'Cancel' button and puts a nice message saying 'packing'.

So now I have 2 Xbox360 premiums with the HDD and wireless controller, plus a big
credit card statement. Oh well payday and bonus next week

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