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Why Windows Vista won’t suck

For anyone
out there who doesn’t know about Windows Vista, or for those who know about
it and don’t see a reason why they should upgrade other than getting an all
new fancy UI then this article is
a read well worth its time.


A couple
of things to point out from the article:

New power
management (Sleep mode – similar to hibernation but much quicker to load from)

– Windows learns what applications and OS bits you use most often and preloads
them into memory, which even differentiates which applications you use at different
times of day and days of week.

New Driver
Model – ever get annoyed with having to reboot after installing a new driver?
Well now drivers are run in User level instead of the kernel level. This should also
stop your system crashing when a driver fails

– The networking stack has been rebuilt, with IPV6 built directly in and improved
security and speed. An improved




Included in the Home Premium and Ultimate SKU

New Audio
Stack – Now runs in user mode, not kernel mode bringing improved stability.
Improved quality, now based on 32bit floating point instead of 16bit integer. More
control over audio settings (per application audio)
Direct X10 – won’t be back ported to XP

New built
in apps – Windows Mail, Windows Calender, Photo Gallery

New UI –
its not all fancy for no reason. Now if an application is busy or hangs and you move
it, the application underneath won’t be a big white mess. The UI scales to your
resolution. New designed start menu

Search – System wide search, similar to spotlight on Mac OSX Tiger, ‘only
the Windows version searches a much greater variety of files, more metadata, and searches
within more types of files’.

– A very cool application for hosting gadgets. Similar to Konfabulator (and
OS’X’s Widgets)

Security – users by default run with fewer privileges. BitLocker to encrypt
full drives and account information incase your machine gets pinched.


I only picked
out on a few things from the article.
Go read it for more in depth details.

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