Luke Smith Write today, wrong tomorrow

Could it get beta than this?

Ok my puns are extremely bad but fire up your favorite web browser and mosey on over
to these links to get lots of bits (oh theres another one).

Office 2007
Beta 2
- Awesome, I've already found out how to do citations properly from playing
around. Everything is much easier to find thanks to the ribbon. And the Theming is
Beta 2 Components
(with Go-Live license) - If you're a developer and want to get
to grips with WinFX grab the WinFX components here, if you're not a developer I still
recommend downloading the WinFX runtime so you can play with the juicy apps that developers
make with this new technology.

Stay tuned for Vista Beta 2, coming
in June
, for public download. I'll be installing it tonight on my tablet, and

Also some new CTP goodies are out
Interactive Designer May CTP

Graphic Designer May CTP

If you don't like Microsoft and their products, go download them anyway. Just think
you're be costing the big M$ bandwidth, and once they're downloaded you might as well
give them a go yea?

[Can't forget my sources: Tim
, Brad

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