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Got myself a gigabeat s60

Although not out in the UK officially, i got myself a Toshiba
Gigabeat S
from expansys uk. They seem
to be the only place this side of the pond to sell them.

It's an awesome device, the screen is beautiful, the interface is easy to use and
find what you want...and when you get bored of 60gb worth of music or video it's got
an FM Tuner so you can jam out to the crap which they play.

Music quality is brilliant, and sound quality on video is top notch for such a small
device. The only downside is it can't play avi (divx, xvid) videos, WMP11 does however
happily convert divx to wmv during the sync process but the quality of the picture makes
it barely watchable. I'm going to have to play around with converting avi's to
wmv outside of WMP (I've seen VLC can do
it) and see how well it looks then (WMP will always convert video to a resolution
suitable for the player, even WMV's). Videos from channel9 look
excellent when played back, all i need is to get non native wmv's to look that good,
and their length makes it perfect for my train journey to and from work.

It's a million times smaller than my old Creative
, has 3 times the capacity but around half less battery on music and around
2-3 times less battery for video as well as a smaller screen. But for £100 less its
a great device.

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