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Comparison of Vista Editions

Some nice people have made a comparison list
of all the Vista Editions, listing only which features an edition doesn't have.

Hardware Configuration(s)-Acceptability:
1: Max. ram support: 4GB for 32-bit systems. [Across all versions]
For 64-bit: 8GB max. for basic, 16GB max. for premium and more than 128GB for business
and ultimate. (Maximum tested at the Microsoft Labs was 128GB, and more could be accepted.)
2: Duo-processors support: Unavailable in Basic and Premium.
3: Integrated Smart card management: Not supported in both Prenium and Basic.
4: Control over installation of devices: Not supported in both Premium and Basic.
5: Virtual PC Express: Unsupported in all versions, except Ultimate.


So if you've just splashed out on, or looking to splash out on a Duo processor make
sure you budget for upgrading to Ultimate at some point, but then again who wouldn't
want Ultimate to begin with? :)

Check MSBlog out
for full list.

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