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Managed Nabaztag API

I blogged about
wanting a Nabaztag a while back. we got one
in our office the other week. It reads notifies
us when someone joins the portal, purchases stuff and you can even send
it a message
to read out.

I worked on a managed api in the evenings to wrap up the one provided by
Violet, so messages could be constructed easily and sent.

And i'm pleased to announce I have made it Open Source. I wanted to get it put under
source control and the cheapest way is to open source it, as then you can use one
of the many free source control
hosts. I went with Microsoft's CodePlex as
it provides Team
Foundation Server
. Head on over to to
check it out.

As well as this I've updated my website to
show more than just a 404. The home page now shows the last 5 blog entries, but I've
added a Projects section
which will list information about my random projects. I plan on reskinning the dasBlog engine
I use for my blog to match that of the the rest of my site.

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