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More popular than

I've been getting shitloads of traffic to my blog lately from msn
. Last year I blogged about
'superbowl sunday', and since that time of year must be almost upon us (i have no
idea when it is) people must be googling for it.

It turns out its because everytime I get a visit to my blog, the referreral webpage
is logged and listed. After the first person searched for Superbowl
sunday 2007
it got listed. The search engine picked up on this and boosted me
higher in their list which caused more people to see my post and those referral links
to be stored.

As a result I am now higher up the msn search ranking than for
the search

So I apologise to anyone looking here for info on this years Superbowl, I know nothingĀ about
itĀ apart from it sucks compared to proper

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