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Paintballing + Geeks = Techwars

I spent the whole of saturday paintballing.
Apart from suffering from aching legs and the required bruises paintballings such
a cool sport, although very expensive.

Over in the states some geeks are organising what can only be described as the greatest
paintballing weekend ever. Paintballing + Geeks = Techwars.

It is a 50 acre, 100 man, 2 day paintball battle of high-tech soldiers combating
in the unrelenting Maritime wilderness. Each army will utilize any technological means
necessary to help gain an advantage including breaching the security of the enemy
technology. Knowledge, IT, and security are the keys to winning the war.

The problem with paintballing normally (as I did) is the games last only about 10minutes
and the arenas are pretty small. It also ends up as a free for all within your teams
with noone organising tactics or having time to decide tactics.

I hope someone organises a UK version of Techwars!

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