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7 months on…

Wow, it's been nearly 7 months since my last blog entry and im not going to apologise
about not blogging since thats become such a cliche thing to do.

A bits happened over the last...oh month or 2.


Over at SportsDo we've released a beta of our
new social tracking platform called TrackMe.
This is aimed at anyone whose after tracking themselves and sharing their location
with their friends. You can also aggregate geodata from other places like geocoded
photos from Flickr and show them in one place.
I've overheard several people talking on nights out about how their phone has GPS
(usually the N95) and others asking if they can find their friends...well with TrackMe this
becomes possible. You can TrackMe here,
or if you've got a Java based phone with GPS then signup and give it a go. If you
haven't got GPS you can manually enter your location - so there is really no reason
not to give it a go.


On the side I've been working with Scott
on a managed library, called LiveNet, wrapping the Windows Live APIs,
which was alpha released recently. Head over to codeplex to
check it out and check out Scotts post over at LiveSide.

Interview with Mark Johnston

MarkJ asked me some questions about
being in the Imagine Cup all those
years ago.

New PC

The last time I touched my desktop with an upgrade was sometime back in the dark ages
(2003) so I've felt obliged to update the poor thing, and by update I mean build a
whole new machine so this one can be used as a Windows
Home Server

My current spec PC is

The new 'beast'

I'm hoping I will see a slight improvement from the upgrade. It's my Christmas present
to myself....and birthday and hannukah and divali and eid for the next 2-3 years.

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