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Send to Nabaztag IE Extension

If you're a long term blog reader of mine then you'd know I have one of those pointlessly cool WiFi Nabaztag rabbits. It usually just sits on my shelf doing nothing, but I've now decided to use it as a podcast player. I created a simple and quick IE Extension to be able to send links (the rabbit will only play mp3's) to the Nabaztag Api.

If you have a Nabaztag and you too want to send URLs from IE to be played on your pointlessly cool rabbit as well then follow the instructions:

  1. Download and extract the SendToNabaztagIEExtension zip to somewhere on your machine.
  2. Right click on IEExtension.reg and select edit.
  3. Modify the directory of IEExtension.html and save.
  4. Double click IEExtension.reg to install the registry settings. (note: usual blurb about the dangers of editing the registry)
  5. Edit IEExtension.html and enter the token and serial number for your rabbit. These can be found under the "my Burrow" section of the Nabaztag website.
  6. Close any instances of IE.

Next time you open IE, when right clicking on a hyperlink you will see an option 'Send to Nabaztag'. Clicking this will send the link to your bunny (note: the url is sent regardless of whether the rabbit can actually play it).


Notes: A new window is opened to make the request, which will show the response from the NabaztagApi. I tried using XmlHttpRequest but was unable to because of the cross-domain call being made. It was only quickly put together, so use at your own risk!

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