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Why Windows Vista won’t suck

For anyone out there who doesn’t know about Windows Vista, or for those who know about it and don’t see a reason why they should upgrade other than getting an all new fancy UI then this article is a read well worth its time.   A couple of things to...

City of biscuits

Some people have too much time on their hands. A city made of biscuits?

Project Origami

What is ProjectOrigami? a wearable lifestyle PC?

Interop with Office

I'm currently playing around with the Office PIA COM components to do some spreadsheet work. Trying to dynamically generate Excel Workbooks isn't easy, so I created my own xml structure for describing the layout of a worksheet. My libarary includes a very handy ExcelTable object which allows you to bind...


Everyone remembers transformers, the fond memories of taking your favorite one into school and playing with it on the playground. But they were nothing like this.

Mac OS/X Virus/Trojan?

Theres lots of news about a virus/trojan for OS X 10.4. Sure it needs user interaction to install itself, but the point being Mac boys can't say go around saying they have a secure virus/trojan (whichever it finally gets classified as) free operating system. One thing to notice is that...

chili peppers gig

The red hot chili peppers are performing at the madjeski stadium in reading in july. Got my tickets ordered this morning. So my summer holidays consists of reading festival and reading football stadium. Oooh its gunna be great

Developer Day changed

The date has been changed for the DDD Day event to 3rd June. It no longer clashes with the England World Cup match but instead with the England vs. Jamaica friendly, which isn’t as important as World Cup. Cheers for listening to us geek football fans guys!

Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile II: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in?

You scored as SG-1 (Stargate). You are versatile and diverse in your thinking. You have an open mind to that which seems highly unlikely and accept it with a bit of humor. Now if only aliens would stop trying to take over your body. SG-1 (Stargate) 88% Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)...

Awesome HCI

Minority Report style interfaces are being further developed. Check out this amazing video