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Developer Developer Developer Day

The next DDD Day falls on the same day as the England vs Paraguay World Cup match (10th June). I know geeks aren’t supposed to like sport but some of us do.   Channel 9 thread: UK DDD Day call for Speakers

Apple in antitrust bother

Finally someone’s doing something about the “tying” of Apple iTunes and iPod.   With respect to the "tying" allegations, the judge said Slattery was claiming Apple forces people who own iPods to buy music online only from iTunes and also forces iTunes customers to buy iPods to play the music...

Windows Live Messenger Invites

I've still got some Windows Live Messenger invites available, 5 to be exact. Leave a comment to recieve one (remember your email address)

testing email to blog

dasBlog has a cool feature that lets you blog from email. Hope this has worked J

Shouldn’t debugging be taught?

I got home from work this evening and two of my housemates were having coding issues with their projects, both of which were schoolboy errors which a little bit of debugging would solve. However neither housemate could fix their problems. One was with C# code similar to below ArrayList al1...

Football Manager on a 360!

Thats probably why my brothers girlfriend wouldn't let him buy my spare xbox360, she'd never escape the clutches of Football Manager via Kotaku

Why I would never buy an off the shelf desktop PC

They are full of crap. When I buy a PC I don't want it to come bundled with x-amount of crap I'm going to have to spend time to uninstall, I want a fresh clean system. If you must give me the software give it on an extra CD so I...

Moved and configured

I'm really liking dasBlog, it's amazingly easy to configure compared to Community Server and the themes are excellent. Took me a while but I decided on Project84. Thanks to some code posted by ScottH porting my previous posts from CS was ridiculously easy. All thats needed is to get hold...

New home

Well I've moved blog engine yet again, this time to dasBlog. I'll be moving the old entries over at some point. Community Server was overkill for a one man blog.

Superbowl Sunday

Go Seahawks. Always have to go for the underdogs