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Toshiba Gigabeat S PMC

14 months ago I purchased a Creative Zen PMC, well 2, the first had a HDD failure so had to be returned....oh and the 2nd one did too. I now don't have a PMC, but Toshiba have a sleek and powerful device coming out February/March that shall be taking pride...

One Vista to rule them all

All the OS bits of Windows Vista will be shipped, no matter which version you originally purchase - the other bits can be later activated online (without the need to do a rebuild of the machine). via

Now a firefox user

Since installing the Community Server 2 beta I've been having a few problems posting entries from IE7, get javascript errors when I click 'post' but it works fine in FireFox. When I'm logged in as admin in IE7 it works fine, and it used to work when logged in as...

10 reasons to date a geek

Robert Scobles wife has blogged about the top 10 reasons to date a geek. Personally I'd rather get to know Angelina Jolie than play with a computer in the corner tho

Flight Simulator X Screenshots

Check out these screenshots of the next version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, due for release in around a year and only to be available for Windows Vista.

Bill Gates Keynote at CES

I just finished watching the keynote by Bill Gates at the Consumer Electronic Show. The iHD capability of HD-DVD is awesome, being able to find information out about the actors in a certain scene while still viewing the movie is a great feature also being able to create a managed...

re: In the name of lazyness (Automating your home)

Hey, was wondering if I could chat to you about your can email me at ***. Thanks Richard

In the name of lazyness (Automating your home)

I received a huge package today full of new gadgets to play with. Imagine this situation: your sitting in your living room meer feet away from the light switch and its a tiny bit cold. Do you want to get up and turn on the lights, or dim them for...

News on my 360

Just checked my play account and the status of my Xbox360 order has been changed from 'Awaiting Stock' to 'Order Placed'. So either they have finally got around to placing my order, or have placed an order with their supplier - the Stock Status doesn't have information on this one....

Happy new year

A breif recap of my 2005 In january I suffered a hangover as a result of celebrating 2004. July I graduated with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and Cybernetics, started my first proper job. August I celebrated becoming 21! September I ordered my Xbox 360...Decemeber I didn't receive...