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Not long to go

With the 360 released state side its now 9days until the European launch, ive had mine ordered since september which im afraid may have put me out of the first batch release - I just hope those guys at like me plugging their awesome website, the website that is...

Why I wish I was at Zero Hour

The Xbox360 launch party looked great! via Gizmodo


I just signed up for SkypeIn, which allows a normal landline/mobile to call my Skype account from anywhere in the world. If calling from outside the UK the cost for the caller is only what it would cost to call the UK, so im guessing its local rate for in...

Discover Music with Pandora

I just go sent a link to Pandora. Can you help me discover more music that I'll like? Type in the name of a band you like and the Pandora system will create a station of other bands you may like as a result.

XBOX 360 rocks

I was in town yesterday and HMV and Game both had XBOX 360 gaming booths. Once i kicked the 5year old girl off (by that I mean stood patiently while she did nothing) I loaded up Call of Duty 2 and proceeded to be amazed. First thing I noticed was...

Microsoft Luke is back

I got a mention on the Jobsblog again :)

Football Manager 2006 on Tablet PC

The latest version of Football Manager 2006 was released recently. I picked up my copy yesterday and installed it on my 1.7ghz 512mb Tecra M4 tablet. I was expecting the game to run slow but this wasn't the case, a new game was set up within minutes which used to...

Happy Birthday Bill. G

What do you get the worlds richest man for his birthday? Heres a couple of videos of Bill G. videos from the past week MTV Overdrive: The Notorious B.G MTVU: Bill takes a programming class Bill G Coke Commercial

Introducing the HTC Ultra

Well its not announced but what features should be included in the HTC Universal++? I think built in GPS and biometric reader should be included, these are already in some Pocket PCs so should be making their way into the PocketPC Phones at some point down the line. What else...

Apple Bot

This isĀ one cool bot, despite it running on a Apple Mac Mini.