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I didn’t take adVantage

Tonight down at Green Park in Reading lots of rich blokes/blokettes are getting the first look at their new car, the Austin Martin Vantage, which they apparently paid for in full 3 years ago without seeing the car. It's a nice looking car but I prefer the Vanquish, which was...

Absolutely amazing

Check out the new google beta, Type in a word and it will return all books which include that word, and even highlight the word on the page

Developer Toolbar for IE

I came across this great tool for web developers, a little late since it was released at the PDC. With the IE Dev Toolbar you have several features at your fingertips to go deep into existing pages or pages that you are currently creating. You will be able to explore...

Accessing a webcam in .NET 2.0

Scott Hanselman has written an article on how to obtain images from a webcam and upload them to an ftp server. Derek should be able to make use of this for his final year project; something to do with making sounds from differing colored blocks.


Marko has brought a new toy, somehow he's got hold of a xbox 360 developer box...I mean a powermac. Talking about the 360, I ordered mine on play saturday along with Call of Duty 2. December should be fun :)

Apple to release a smartphone?

Rumours that Apple might be developing a smartphone, expect iTunes to be included and my guessing it be white.

University open day

I cycled :o upto campus yesterday to the University of Reading open day. Spent the afternoon in the Madlab, where Tingley was helping out demoing some of the mobile robots with Ben Hutt. It was 4years ago I went to the open day, and 3years ago today I started University as a...

Have a nose at this

I came across this podcast via GeeksWithBlogs; the pilot/air traffic controller conversation from the landing gear incident recently over at LAX.

Happy Birthday Microsoft

30 years ago a Microsoft was born, in the years since we've seen computers enrich our lives. Whether you love them or hate them Microsoft has made a tremendous impact on the computing industry over the years, for the good and the not so good. Will they still be as predominante...

Will the real Luke Smith please stand up?

Over on the Jobsblog the suggestion kitty, such a clever little cat, has posted about recruiters using the interweb to find 'secret' information about interviewees which they don't put on their CV. So in response I would like the world to know the following about me, incase you muddle me...