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Would you like banners with that?

Opera have now removed banners from their browser. I expect more people will begin to use Opera now they don't have to pay for it. I got myself a registration code a few weeks ago when they were giving them out to get rid of the adverts. Several people I...

Update on Abaxus

A while ago I posted about my little project called Abaxus. Well things have been going slow with it over the last week, to be honest I only worked on it while on the train coming back from Swindon at the weekend. But in that time I managed a quick...

Security news

ComputerWorld are reporting that Mac users are deluding themselves on security, and also that firefox is now less secure than IE. You better rush out and buy Symantecs AntiVirus application for Mac ;)

Microsoft Gadgets/Sideshow

Among some of the great features within Windows Vista; Super Fetch, WPF, etc one of the most exciting in my opinion are these things called Microsoft Gadgets. I know konfabulator has existed for a while and Apple has widgets on OS X Tiger but Windows Gadgets are alot more than...

Office 12 Beta

Nominations for the Microsoft Office 12 beta program are now being accepted. The invite id is PDCOffice.

Windows Vista

The Windows Vista website has been updated. Lot's of information about the next OS to come out of Redmond. All I can say is I want it now, not in a year! One feature that is really cool is that you can add USB memory keys to the machine and...

Microsoft Expression

Microsoft is learning to express themselves with a new suite of tools to help graphic designers (not me) and developers (me) to better work together to help build graphical smartclient applications and web applications. Included in the suite are: Microsoft Expression "Quartz Web Designer" Microsoft Expression "Acrylic Graphic Designer" Microsoft...

Vista Pre Beta 2 Screenshots

The sidebar is back? It's looking alot nicer with the transparency

Introducing Abaxus

Over the past month or so I've been working on a simple text parser library, called Abaxus. The reason for this was that I was required to automatically generate an email document from a template with a specific set of values inserted (date, names etc...). I created a syntax based...

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