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HTC Blizzard

One thing which everyone says to me is "Why do you have a brick as your phone?", obviously actually thinking that I'm trying to compensate for something. I was never a fan of the original MS Smartphones, mainly because they lacked asphetically pleasing design. The Pocket PC with phone functionality...

Can’t wait?

If you can't wait for the O2 XDA Exec (i-Mate JasJar/HTC Universal) then look no further than expansys. If your willing to fork out over the top GBP then go for it. Me? Well i'm waiting for o2 to release it in a few weeks *fingers crossed*, hopefully getting it...

There are 5 sexes

In hospital databases, in the sex field, they allow for 5 different values. Male, Female, Unknown, Mostly Male, Mostly Female It's amazing what you learn on training courses

O2 XDA Exec has information about one of the greatest gadgets to come to market in 2005, the HTC Universal. This device boosts a thumb keyboard, 3G telephony, Windows Mobile 5.0 (pocket solitaire), wifi + bluetooth. Also next monday a 'high ranking o2 executive' will be available on tekguru for a live...

My new home

I've decided to move myself from theSpoke to a self hosted solution. TheSpoke was a great place to blog, but now I'm no longer a student I feel that it's time I should move on and enter the 'real' world wide web.