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Silverlight Chart Controls

Some cool (and free) Silverlight charting controls. Technorati Tags: Silverlight,charts

Someone should go BACK to the drawing board

edit: You can click the blue 'back' button in the top left, but it's not intuitive. I was searching for a 'back' button next to the 'Next' and 'Cancel' buttons.

MSBuild Error when building VS2008 Projects

I've been playing around with MSBuild and CruiseControl.NET and ran into a problem trying to build projects built using VS2008. File format version is not recognized.  MSBuild can only read solution files between versions 7.0 and 9.0, inclusive. Turned out I was targeting the v2.0.50727 version of MSBuild in the...

Moved to WordPress

It's Easter Monday and I've been a bit bored (having just got back from an awesome weeks skiing in Meribel, France). I've decided to move away from the Dasblog blog engine to Wordpress. I'm very impressed so far. It's very plugginable, and the default theme is by far better than...

It’s minus what?

Virtual Earth Silverlight Control

I questioned in my last post I wondered how long it would be until a Virtual Earth Silverlight 2.0 Control was released using the Deep Zoom technology. The answer? Well it's not going to be too long a wait. I also showed a preview of the new Virtual Earth Map...

Deep Zoom and Virtual Earth

Microsofts Seadragon has found its way into Silverlight 2.0, check out the Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia site. It's very cool....I wonder how long it will be until Virtual Earth is released as a Silverlight control, allowing developers to code against a managed API? More info over at LiveSide

Worldwide Telescope

It didn't make me cry, but wow. wwTelescope is absolutely amazing, and the images are stunning. The looks on the kids faces in the first video on the website pretty much reflected mine when I saw the video on the TED site.

LiveNet v0.2

Scotts just made a new release of LiveNet available over on CodePlex, LiveNet now includes a managed wrapper for Silverlight Streaming. Check out Scotts blog for info.

Installing Ubuntu 7.1 under Virtual PC 2007

I decided to install Ubuntu under Virtual PC 2007 but ran into problems straight away, the graphics screwup and the mouse doesn't work. A quick Google and I found a blog post about making Ubuntu 7.04 work under VPC. Followed the steps and all works fine now. Not sure what...