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Toshiba Vista Bluetooth Drivers

I managed to track down bluetooth drivers for my Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC which work under Vista RTM. Though I'm having trouble getting my christmas present, the Lego Mindstorms NXT, connecting to the tablet (so I can use the Microsoft Robotics Studio). Time to buy a compatible bluetooth dongle and...

Track Santa with SportsDo

Santas started his yearly trip delivering his presents. You can keep track of his progress over at SportsDo.

I’m a winner!

It’s Christmas!

It's not been on tv this year, and Christmas just doesn't ever feel like Christmas until I see the advert

Remember to Close() after you Flush()

I'm not talking about closing the toilet lid (and not just putting the seat down as women seem to think is acceptable!). Anyway... I've just been pulling my hair out over why a zip file generated using SharpZipLib was being corrupted when returned from a webpage, saving to disk on...

Virtual Earth 3D likes its memory

I'm working with Virtual Earth 3D at the moment and noticed IE7 can go upto 400mb Memory Usage. I've discovered how to make it drop to a nice reasonable memory footprint...simply minimize IE and all the memory gets freed up to a nicer and much smaller number. Maximizing the window afterwards...

What has Apple got up their sleeves?

Theres a rumour that apple will be replacing Aqua with 'Illuminous'. Via Gizmodo

I’m not crazy

MP3 Player + battery life + ricky gervais podcast + public transport = people looking at you strangely as you laugh to yourself

ASP.NET PageHelper

Since moving from university to the 'real' world of development I've been creating alot of helper classes to try and cut down on the number of LOC I have to write. One thing which bugged me for a while was Query Strings in ASP.NET - checking whether a string existed and...

Im so hot…

Well my tablet is. I just found a cool little temperature monitor and decided to give it a whirl on my tablet running Vista....65 degrees C, 114 F. Looking back at the look of temperatures the highest its been was 78 C. I'm not looking forward to the summer :s...